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Ore and Josh are Engaged!

I am not one for sappy posts but I had an absolute blast capturing the photos of one of my dear friends Ore and her Fiancé Josh. I met Ore about 4 years ago on our first day of college together, when we found out we were roommates. Ore and I have made so many memories throughout our time in college and I am so grateful for our friendship and to see how she has grown into such a talented entrepreneur. She is a fashion designer and creates the most magnificent pieces I have ever seen.

Ore and Josh were so fun to capture because you could really tell how much they love each other and what is better to capture than love? Honestly I don't know. But I felt so blessed to witness their love and to get just a small glimpse into their future together as soon to be husband and wife!

These photos were captured in Early June in Forest Park by The Muny.

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