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Meet Katie 

Photographer and Disney Lover

Candid photography is one of my favs because who doesn't love authentic romantic moments? I specialize in portraits of families, seniors, and couples. 

I love making my clients happy and I want you to have an enjoyable time. With capturing candid moments the photographer and the client need to have a connection, I also just want to get to know you before I capture gorgeous photos of you and your fam! Through my photographs, I hope to share a story of laughter, love, and fun!

I really started enjoying photography when I began high school and from there, I began my business. My camera has been in my hand ever since.


Why do I love portraiture? 

Emotions. People have lots of different emotions and being able to capture them in an image is really fascinating to me. I love capturing Love. It is the most magical thing we have in this world. Seeing a mother and father look at their laughing child with so much love in their eyes is by far one of the most beautiful things to witness in the world. This is the reason why portraits are so important to me! 

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